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Any meaningless talk about Justin Bieber, which is 99.99% of the talk about him. Some examples:

1. Incessant, obsessive, breathless ranting about Justin Bieber, always by a tweenage girl, or someone with the same level of development, such as a bieberbitch or Biebtard.

2. Comments about Justin Bieber posted by the millions on sites such as youtube. Also endless tweets about Justin Bieber, usually by a girl with his name in her username, e.g. jbfan4ever or imabelieber.

3. Anything which comes out of the mouth of a girl calling herself a belieber.
Amanda: I had to block Britney's tweets, they were nothing but bieberbabble.

Lauren: What, you're not a belieber -- I have all his songs on my iPod!!!
There are no intelligent comments on there, it's all bieberbabble.

I can't understand anything my little sister says, it's all bieberbabble.
by Sasquatch Loves You Too September 21, 2010
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