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Bhundi means nipple of a woman in Oriya, the regional language of the east Indian state of Odisha.
Mo balika bandhu ra dudha ku zor re chipidelaru Ta Bhundi ta'na heigala.
(My girl friend's nipples became taut as I pressed her breasts tightly)

To Banda dekhi laage Bia re nian
Mo Bhundi hoi jaye thia,
Condom lagei jete to gehibu
Haba nahin kebe chhua
Are gehibu aaa...

(Your huge cock has turned me on.
My pussy has started oozing.
My boobs have become harder with Nipples taut,
I give you the liberty of using a condom
That will keep pregnancy at bay.
Fuck me as much as you can.)

Salira Bhundi bada mast heichi!
by Derek O'Brien January 03, 2013
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A common term used round here to discribe someone from india, or of similiar back ground, can also be used to cover turbanators.
Bloody bhundi's driving taxis (Nissian with no MOT)
bhundi shagger !
A bhundi stole my wallet
All bhundi run corner shops
Group of bhundi hoodies shagged my dog
by T5 Nutter May 17, 2006
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