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Two sizable protrusions often found on the chest of a human female. These round "lumps" are often soft enough to be filled with clouds, rainbows, and happy thoughts. VERY happy thoughts. Most often the protrusions are topped by weird little faucets called nipples which are used to feed the results of those happy thoughts. Bewbiez come in many sizes and a few shapes, ranging in nature from the watermelons hidden in that girl's shirt to the half-full water sacks on others to those ungodly skin-flaps grandma tucks into her pockets.

There are a few purposes for bewbiez:
1) Drums
2) Distraction methods used by female spies
3) Distraction methods used by Hooters girls
4) Distraction methods used by your wife while the bastard sneaks out the back
5) Liquid refreshment (Use this ONLY as a last resort as not only will this royally creep out the bewbiez' owner, but it does not taste like actual milk.)
6) Rock star autograph area
Daaayum gurl, those bewbiez be shinier than Sir Patrick Stewart's head!
by StupidMuggleWords January 19, 2015
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