Do the Berlioz is the manner of self-defenestration, aka throwing yourself out of a fucking window, with great passion.
Jared: Yo did you see Kevin Do the Berlioz?
Brock: Oh shit where is he now
Jared: 2nd floor balcony writing poetry
by Actually_Sorabji April 6, 2021
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French romantic era composer (1803 - 1869) who made an Irish actress marry him after drinking a lethal dose of opium.
Guy 1: Bro, James just pulled a Hector Berlioz. He made Gina marry him after threatening to kill himself.

Guy 2: How the fuck did that work?
by Klavierist August 19, 2023
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A ginger cat with a white belly an Australian cat but be weary this cat is dangerous he lurks at night and has sex with his prey *usually Figaro* and is a pedophile
Damn calm down I know it’s a joke but being a gay furry is kind of like berlioz
by Jay Powski October 25, 2020
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Berlioz is a very fluffy cat. She is a very sweet and friendly and loves playing and meeting new people. When Berlioz plays she bites though and that's not very nice.
Berlioz loves playing with the dog!

Berlioz is so fluffy!
by Gamergurl_101 June 6, 2021
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