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Benites. It isn't just a name. It is a legacy. Benites was first created on July 10th, 2003 and that was when no one knew of its origins. Benites is one of many rare characters in the world, but this one is very rare and specific. She is her own species but hates when Sammy screeches. So usually one might say, "Shut up Sammy." If you are Spanish you may conjugate the term:
Yo Benito.
Tu Benites.
El Benite.
Nosotros Benitamos.
Ellos Beniten.
Once a Benites, always a Benites.
Snitch: "Did you see Benites in the hall, she was looking like a whole Benites."
Sammy: "I sure did! Oh my Benites!"
by Benites Lover June 06, 2018
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