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a benedicts man simply put is a guy who will take your gyal from you. let's say for instance you and yuh smally walking in southpark and you spot a benedicts man you need to turn around immediately and hope and pray yuh gyal ass flat cause partnerman dais it dey for you. you either single or getting horn take wuh i telling yuh. on the bright side ladies benedicts man is like a big chocolate cookie. so if you tryna hold down a benedicts man be prepared for swarms of smallies fantasizing and tackling on the regular. P.S. learn to suck song dick cause if you can't somebody else will cause benedicts men wetlike water .
fella 1:sniff sniff; boy this benedicts man see me and my gyal in southpark yesterday boy

fella 2: yuh turn round one time right?
fella 1: no boy and the man huff me boy dawg boy. me and dahh gyal together 10 months now i still virgin. dah benedicts man meet she for 10 minutes (sniff sniff )and he get the beat. i going and heng myself or get a transfer yes
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by benedicts best hoe August 20, 2017
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