A typical weird man who likes to fart on its prey, causing frustration and possible suffocation. Looks like a panda
Dude, stop being such a Bendon!
Ugh! You smell like a Bendon!
by A40hlw62lh May 14, 2016
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Bendone is a very small village in India in the state of Karnataka. It is about 100 km away from the silicon capital of India that is Bangalore.
It is still a very backward village with very little communication and water supply systems being set up here. only a few buses passes by this tiny village and there is a primary school in this village but you have to go at least 12 kms to meet a doctor.
bendone is in Tumkur district
Suresh Bendone Ramachandraiah
Bendone is in the state of Karnataka
Bendone is in India
Bendone is very tiny village with about 150 families
by Suresh Bendone Ramachandraiah February 15, 2007
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