The baddest mofo on the face of the earth. Often confused with the Canadian Sprinter who was caught using steroids, the true Ben Johnson is actually much bigger, faster, and blacker. His badassness is surpassed only by his game and his sexual prowess.
Example 1:
Scrawny White Boy: Did you see that bad ass dude?

Ben Johnson Wannabe: Hells yeah I saw him son...that mofo is dope as hell, AND he's hung like a Chuck Norris doll. He is so BEN JOHNSON.

Example 2:
Little bitch: What's up ladies, can I buy you drinks and then please all 5 of you for hours tonight?

Group of Women: Bitch who you think you is, Ben Johnson? Get the fuck outta here little white boy.
by whereisMCgusto August 27, 2008
a war cry destined to become the source of many conflicts for stoners.

when smoking with a group, instead of passing the joint to the left, hold it out and scream "ben johnson!". the first person to grab it gets to smoke it next.
puff puff, "ben johnson!"
by epididymis May 6, 2005
Friend: Yeah, my girlfriend and I watched a movie together last night.

You: Did Ben Johnson ever show up?

Friend: No man, he must've been out of town.
by DeadlyRed July 11, 2010
Steroids, specifically winstrol
He swole AF, he's on the Ben Johnson
He was small until he found Ben Johnson
by Darren The Great June 2, 2022
1. The act of injuring or tearing one's ligamites in one's knee.
2. The ruining of ones athletic career due to a devastating knee injury.
Wow, you totally pulled a Ben Johnson when you slipped on that rain puddle!
by Ksjdklsol88399 March 8, 2010
A complete moron

He’s is stoopid that he doesn’t even know that everyone thinks he is hilarious
Oh look Ben Cade Johnson is doing that thing again
by Old handle boi November 7, 2019