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Belard is a surname from a noble family native of Asturias. There are only a few hundred family members most of them live in Portugal and Spain still you can find family members in Ireland, England, Brazil, Venezuela, etc. The noble title for this family was won when a Knight with the surname "Belard" killed a very dangerous Muslim Leader with the nickname of "The Snake" as reward he received the king`s daughters`s hand for marriage. During the XIX century most part of the family moved to Portugal and remained until nowadays. During the XX century Portugal owned african colonies such as the Island of São Tomé e Princepe where the "Belard`s were responsable for coffe grounds wich generated great profit. There are a lot of important figures with this surname as well as palaces and Houses spread throughout Portugal and Spain to the regions of the Basque Country, Santarém, Beja and Cascais . The animal that represents the family is the lion. Family coat of arms motto: " La Serpiente matarás y la infanta casaras" English translation: "The Snake you kill and with my daughter marry you will" - King of Castile
by Conor Walker February 22, 2017
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