Bela Lugosi was the god of horror films between the years of 1900 and 1956.. Bela Lugosi IS Count Dracula.
No one actor ever exuded a greater aura of mystery than Bela Lugosi.
by Lugosi corpse July 20, 2004
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The one, the only Dracula.The poor bastard was hopelessly typecast after Dracula, but was the embodiment of the dark count.He became addicted to morphine,which ruined his film career.He ended his film career as an extra in Ed Wood "b" films.He was buried in his trademark cape and evening garb.
Ohmygod, did you see that creepy sucker?He out Lugosied Lugosi!
by Bryce1956 @ November 1, 2003
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The best horror movie actor of all time. He's a true legend and icon.
Bela lugosi was the best Dracula ever.
by Catlover88 September 20, 2019
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