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The opposite of "manning up". Pussy. The opposite of having balls.
Our customer owes us money and rather than call to arrange payments with our boss has gone around him and is being a little bitch.
by Nicole's Wisdom March 28, 2016
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1.Of or showing weakness in life situations. Inability to man up. 2. Incredulity at small inconveniences. 3. Making a bigger deal out of a situation than necessary. Also:a bitch;acting like a bitch
Quit being a little bitch, you have a cold; you can go to work.

I can't come out, my man's being a little bitch because he thinks you're a bad influence.

Quit being a little bitch texting me all that drama and call or say it to my face.
by theRealSlangShady August 21, 2018
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