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a person who begs attention either because they're socially inadequte or they are trying to get laid
"check that gyal tryna get on man when he's not on it. what a beggit!"

John is always trying to get invites to parties even though nobody likes him. John is always being a beggit
by Riz McSwagga July 21, 2011
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Basically a wannaBe rudie who thinks theyre so hard because they hand around in croydon trying to fit in with the rudieboiz, Although they live in a nice respectable area and have the oppertunity of a good education. They think that they are friends with the rudies that hang around in Mcdonalds tooting but they aint. they think they look good in their 6 sizes 2 big Echo/Akademics trakkies and dunks/ air force highs but they look like pikeys. theyr hobbies include: faking getting pissed all weekend, smoking fags, causing blockeges in the school corridoors tryin to be "bad" and talking with the last word of there sentences lasting 72 years. Their main vocab is "listen yeeeeeah" and "u gonn get banged" although nothing ever comes ov it. they should all be pushed off cliffs"
Normal person sitting on bench in sutton: *looks at person from their school as they r4ecognise them*

Beggit(aka lr):"Listen yeeeeeah listen yeeeeeah u see al them rudboiz hangin round mcdonalds yeeeeah if u screw me 1 more time im gonn get dem down here bang u bad man! SLAP DAT!"
by ~*~ME~*~ January 04, 2005
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