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1. A telethon or pledge drive repeated so often that it becomes a constant, shameless, begging for money.
2. That period of time every few months when your local PBS station preempts all your favorite shows and instead runs crap you have zero interest in, interrupting it every ten minutes to beg for money.
Oh Christ! Frontline isn't on tonight because PBS is doing another fucking begathon.
by Harry the Hat December 13, 2004
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When a television show that's aired and during the program commercials are aired that tell you to subscrib to the show to keep the channel going.
PBS is playing beg-a-thons all night tonight.
by SwiftShadowfang March 26, 2010
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Repeatedly asking for sex in a pleading manner and being rejected.
My girlfriend wouldn't give me any snatch and I was super horny, so I proceeded into a begathon. " Please bitch, please give me some pooter!"
by Amawee May 31, 2018
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