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A faux liberal,one who lives in luxury, cares less about the heroin addict who was molested as a child, the immigrants in Europe, our working poor in the U.S., but cares about maxing out their credit card for their next tropical vacation, or feels uber liberal by driving an audience with a bumper sticker that says "I voted Democrat." Fiberal, not to be confused with the cereal Fiberal or All Bran, although if they ate it, it might deconstipate their egotistical brains.
My x fiancee who dumped me on our wedding night is a Fiberal of greatest proportions. He would benefit from drinking 16 doses of Metamucil a day.
by Amawee April 28, 2016

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Repeatedly asking for sex in a pleading manner and being rejected.
My girlfriend wouldn't give me any snatch and I was super horny, so I proceeded into a begathon. " Please bitch, please give me some pooter!"
by Amawee April 27, 2018

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Phishy: the smell of your pussy after you've been trout fishing in the oppressive heat.
It was gross...my friends vaginal exuded such a phishy odor after we'd been palomino trout fishing, I could smell it upstream.
by Amawee May 13, 2016

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