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to describe something thats bad or not right
nah lets go, thats beethers fools!
by brobro19 August 09, 2008
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the one word needed to describe a situation, place, event, etc. that is VERY bad.
Let's dip this smoke spot man, it's hella beethers.
Man, you right. I already got mud on my new shoes.
by itsbeethersbruh February 24, 2017
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Something that is really bad or ridiculously messed up. (This word is the opposite of coothers, meaning really cool or tight.)
Eugene: "Hey man, I can't play basketball. I sprained my ankle..."

Dhyan: "Aww thats hella beethers!" *walks away in shame*
by xbeatxassassinx August 27, 2009
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