A controversial process of extracting otherwise-secret information from a friend or co-worker by getting them drunk and thereby loosening their control on their tongue.
The guys at work took me out drinking last night. After quite a few beers and a lot of questions I finally let slip that I was going to be a father. What can I say? Beerboarding should be against the law.
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A highly controversial torture technique that is very similar to water boarding. Instead of water you use beer.
It has been extremely successful in Guantanamo Bay. This has proven more effective since it gets the "terrorist" drunk and easier to extract the information. The terrorist will fear this more than waterboarding also because alcohol is banned by the Quran. An extremely effective method. Terrorist have learned to fear the following words, "Are you read for another beerboarding"
by Rim Job Madison December 6, 2010
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The fun but slightly dangerous process of drinking beer while snowboarding.
Owwww my head hurts, I ran into a tree beerboarding.
by Mcfly22 May 8, 2009
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