Fags in prison who like to dress like chicks so they can be on the receiving end and like it.
As per Dr. Evil in "Goldmember":

"...and a couple of beehotches. Why not?"
by MC Lucidious Mo'nashiss April 19, 2003
basically a "nicer" way of saying bitch.
plural for beehotch is beehotches.
"You two were being stuffy beehotches"
by The Shy Goth January 29, 2004
Men dressed as women in prison so that bigger men can anal rape them without feeling gay.
"Ah, my stall, my moto, and a couple of beehotches. Why not?" - Dr. Evil
"Hey beehotch, bend over!"
by Snoop Dogg March 26, 2003
gay guys who dress up as women so other guys can f*ck them without feeling like theyre losing their masculinity
"Yesterday I went to visit my cousin in prison and he told me a couple of beehotches had a little party going on the night before, if you know what I mean"
by CandeeCane87 May 16, 2005