Someone who eschews all animal products from their diet, with the exception of insect products, most notably, honey.
Sue is almost vegan, but she still eats honey and royal jelly on occasion. She calls herself a beegan to help avoid confusion.
by Blueheron February 24, 2008
Someone who is an utter failure in their parents eyes compared his/her brothers
Father - "Gee honey that beegan really doesnt cut it compared to the rest of our kids"

Mother - "I agree"
by marooncat1600 February 29, 2008
A vegan that includes the vomit of bees into their diet
Sally loves animals so she's a beegan and likes honey tea.
by hitlerpanda June 20, 2015
Beegan is the nickname of a nickname that no one truly understands. This person is the smartest, while playing dumb. Beegan can be a nicest person to you, but Beegan can also be a pain in the rear end.
You have a 100iq thought process, but you act clueless. You are such a Beegan.
by Twitch Overseer January 30, 2020