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Phoneticized version of the acronymm B.F.A.P. or Big Fucking Art Project. Term used almost instinctually by hippies,yippies, and bohos to describe an event wherein butcher paper or a large canvas is rolled out on the floor and everyone gathers around with low grade materials to make a collaborative work of art. Common themes include disembodied eyes, 'shrooms, curly-Qs, fake asian ideograms, laughing gnomes and crumbling brick walls. Due to a lack of cooperation and no knowledge of color theory or design, Bee-faps often look muddy and depressing. Finished be-faps can be found in coffee shops and co-ops around universities, or in the bedrooms of high school stoners.
Allie wanted me to come over and make bee-fap. I said I was busy. She was all, "We'll smoke a bowl, spread out bunch of fuckin' art supplies, and just make a big fuckin' art project!"
by The Garbage Man May 04, 2007
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