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When you have the house/dorm all to yourself for the day and you can just stay in and beat off all day.
I would stay home from school at least once a month to get in a good beatsuite.
by ssi_bulldawg November 08, 2007
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When two roomates are absent for a long duration of time (trip, competition, or long shower) and the room is entirely empty but for one occupant. The remaining occupant then may masterbate at their will without being walked in on by their roomate. LOTS of masterbation usually ensues.

the beat refers to "beating your meat" and suite to a luxury room at an establishment.
ROOMY 1: Wow, we are both leaving for the weekend. That means Kyle will have the beat suite all to himself.

ROOMY 2: Man, he is going to be beating it allot.
by 226-Patriot February 16, 2010
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