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Beatrix Potter was an author and illustrator of children's books, active from the late 19th century to the early 20th century.
Beatrix grew up alongside her younger brother, Bartram, in a countryside mansion. Her well-to-do parents were very fond of the children, and more or less spoiled them with elaborate holidays to other rural areas in England, and little guinea pigs and rabbits as pets. Beatrix was a quiet yet brilliant girl, and had a very hard time getting her books published, mostly because many publishers were affronted to meet such a straightforward young lady. Frederick Warne, however, was new to the business, and welcomed her. The books were a hit, and the two married. Frederick, however, died a few years later unexpectedly. Beatrix was heartbroken. She married again, and it just wasn't the same, and the other man died quite soon after. She then retired to a beautiful manor near her childhood home, where she managed a farm, writing and painting throughout the rest of her days. Many consider her to be very influential in the world of children's literature.
Beatrix Potter is a grand author! Her work with Peter Rabbit is capital.
by KilljoyRainbow July 06, 2014
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