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The bearmonkey is a euphemism for a hangover. One usually receives a visit from the bearmonkey after a long night of drinking way too much alcohol.

The bearmonkey is a creature that sneaks into your room at night and slaps you around, fucks up your hair, presses on your eyeballs, shits in your mouth and steals all of your money.

The day after a visit from the bearmonkey, one usually has bloodshot eyes, feels like crap and looks like crap, has terrible dry mouth, stinky breath and can't figure out where all the money in his wallet went.
Boss: "You look like shit today!"
Employee: "Yeah, I got a visit from the bearmonkey last night."
by biomechanic April 10, 2007
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1. what you name someone when you do not want to have sex with them.

2. what you name someone while making fun of the person who likes him/her
1- "ew, he's a bearmonkey"

2- "oh yeah, you ride that bearmonkey!"
by Joanna T November 11, 2006
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This describes a person with ice blue eyes that is short and skinny, but manages to eats like a fat person. It was so rare that that it was named after an animal will will probably never see.
DAMN! did you see that bear monkey at IHOP hes was so short, i never though he would be able to eat that giant stack of chocolate chip pancakes but he scarfed them down like nothing!
by Jordon Forlini July 30, 2009
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