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The ferry service you have to use if you want to get on or off an island on the BC coast, unless you're rich and can afford to take a plane or a helicopter. It always seems to be delayed or too full and is way overpriced. Your only food option is the White Spot restaurant that's onboard and will cost you about 20 bucks for a burger and some fries. While you are onboard you will experience non stop car alarms, screaming children, an overcrowded cafeteria, and announcements self promoting their gift shop. Occasionally there's a bit of excitement, like a bomb threat or someone driving their car into the water, just to spice things up a little.
Person 1: I had to take the ferry from Vancouver to Nanaimo.
Person 2: I'm so sorry, BC Ferries is the worst and makes everyone want to die.
by ihateeggplant July 13, 2017
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