A spherical badass droid in the sequels of the Star Wars saga. He is buds with R2-D2.He has several weapons at his disposal, such as a taser and a literally lit blowtorch. He doesn't walk, he rolls, since he is spherical, which is the most awe-inspiring, beautiful and memeable way of moving. He Is white & orange, with a surprisingly cute and peng lense/eye. He is Poe Dameron's co-pilot and best bud, and can steal a freighter with the help of a defect stormtrooper that is accompanied by a female scavenger. He can only talk in droid language (binary) but we're sure that if he could talk, Star Wars would be even morebeautiful. His arch-enemy is the fiendish droid BB-9E. He always flies with Poe Dameron in his x-wing, and fixes it for him in emergencies. May The Maker bless his circuits.
Poe: When I mess up everything, I rely on BB-8 to fix my x-wing.
BB8: (in droid language) Yeah , by jamming my dome head in all of ur circuits, lol.
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by Raspberrii May 25, 2018
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An obese person. They have a round body with a round head. They also usually have no neck.
I saw some bb 8 kid walking into MacDonalds thinking he was cool.
by ImAntiEugene August 18, 2016
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