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elva:hey fabian check out miss.ochoas big bazoingas.
fabian: they are one of a kind bazoingas.
by fart_08 June 19, 2009
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It's just your typical half-fledged dab coupled with a tilty-headed, Blubber-lipped Razzle McDazzle. To perform a Bazoinga, start off as if you were to sneeze into your elbow, but instead of sneezing, inhale quickly and then blow air through your lips to make them vibrate. There are no limits as to what actions should be followed by a Bazoinga, but it is typically used after slightly funny roasts or stale fads like the vanilla style dab.
Justin really loves doin' that weird bazoinga thing all the time, doesn't he?
by Username Checks Out October 30, 2018
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