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Bauch is an adjective derived form the word debauchery. It is best used to describe a person, place, or thing that bet exemplifies being awesome, drunk, high, fun, delic, raunchy, or otherwise bad from the viewoint of mainstream conservative society. Bauch is usally associated with alcoholism, womanizing, sexism, destructiveness, poor judgement, and a total disregard for ones own or other's well being. Basically everythign choice. bauch originated in small town ohio at oberlin college.
Example One: See Jonny Run. See Jonny Run up to a prostitute and stab her for fun. See Jonny keeping it bauch.

Example Two: Yo, Aaron banged 10 chicks at once even though he knew he had Hep C. Wow, Aaron is bauch.
by Jimmy Fingers December 17, 2004
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