Ok if you really typed that whole thing you deserve a round of applause because everyone is to lazy to. So tabs is a game when you make two ragedall armies fight to the death kinda like Cesar.
Hey, do want to play totally accurate battle simulator.
by Lord Potato October 3, 2019
A game where you play god and make red and blue team fight each other with many different units.
you;yo man you want to play totally accurate battle simulator? friend:lol k. other friend: same dude.
by Htheguy69 September 14, 2020
A ragdoll war game where you play as god in many different modes like Campaign mode, that makes the player plan a strategy, or just spam Firework Archers, there's Sandbox mode where you can make an army of sophisticated troopers that go to war against another war formation, or just make some weird art and some things that make no sense, and the most recent is Unit Creator where you essentially become a developer and create your passion, or make some cursed meme unit. This game is a hell of a lot of fun btw.
1. Hey man, what you playing?
2. Im playing totally accurate battle simulator.
1. Can I join?
2. Sure!
totally accurate battle simulator can be shortened to T.A.B.S. T.A.B.S is a silly game about making polygon people(animals and gods included) fight. T.A.B.S was in closed alpha and pre-alphas for 2 years(almost 3 years) and in 2019 on April 1st they released the early access version. you would expect to be a joke but it's not
totally accurate battle simulator i dont know what else to type here
by SomeDudeOnUrbanDictionary July 14, 2019
A type of strategy game where the death of an NPC is perfectly normal and might even be part of the plan.
In battle simulators, you control when and where your units are deployed, and your AI opponent does the same. Once a unit is deployed, it goes completely automatic - it'll target an enemy, approach that enemy and attack the enemy if it is within attack range. If it survives, it will go on to target a new enemy, and the process repeats. Basically everyone is a mindless killing machine who always fights to the death!
I mean, battle simulators will never provide a good representation of war in real life, unless nations start using robots to fight each other.
Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is a great battle simulator to pick up for PC. And if you want a free battle simulator for mobile, I would really recommend The Battle Cats. In both games, every character moves and attacks differently, and the fights are weird and wacky and very enjoyable.
by Helispark November 2, 2019