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A situation where a young lady is out of new batteries for her sex toy(s) and dosen't remember this fact until she begins masterbating. Hence the efuriating, impatient hunt for batteries begins (remotes, old cameras, junk drawer, travel curling iron, garage, radios, flashlights, etc.). If no batteries are found, hunt is then considered a failure and the night is ruined. She might remember to buy batteries next trip to the store but probably not.

If a woman is quickly searching for batteries with you in the store..."Why do you need batteries?"
"Because I need some that's why!!!!"
She's probably on a batter hunt. Get out of her way.
"I had to go on a fucking battery hunt for 20 minutes last night before I finally stole my roommate's remote."

"I hate it when my dad asks me why I need batteries while I'm on the battery hunt. NONE OF DAMN YOUR BUSINESS DAD!"

"What do you need D batteries for? I never buy those"
"I know neither do I but I need them for my vibrator. I'm tired of battery hunting and I haven't filed my nails lately."
by cupcakesheri February 04, 2010
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