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Someone who uses the bathroom for too long, or someone who uses the bathroom and doesn't clean up after themselves.
Kelly: Man, Fred was such a bath-hole tonight! I was waiting outside the bathroom for sooo long, I thought I might've shat all over the hallway! And when he did finally come out, he didn't even light a match!
Todd: Oh, man it's on! I'm gonna feck that mofo up, yo.
by Spatchmo December 28, 2008
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A Shit town near Sydney, full of rumour spreaders and gronks. Home to V8 Super Car Race Bathurst One Thousand. Full of aboriginals and other gronky people. Housing is generally poor and upkeep is minimal. There are also a lot of people who think their cars are the best, and drag race often, this also results in alot of hooker like chicks running around.
Bathhole is the centre of all rumours

Mate wanna go to maccas and blast our subs?
by Ballistics January 24, 2011
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