the second to lowest sax. Its the most awsome (right next to bari) To bad you can't play it if your under 5 feet tall :-)
Person:What saxaphone do you want to play?
Elf: the awsomous bass sax
Person: sorry you must be 5 feet tall or have a lot of phonebooks
Elf: (really mad)
by cg1401 May 12, 2007
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Bass Saxophones were the first saxophone ever created. They are typically seen in String Bands composed of Woodwinds and Strings, Saxophone Ensembles and in rare cases Wind Ensembles/Concert Bands. Bass sax players are the more brutal, masculine and stronger saxophone player, being the only ones to be able to lug the monstrosity around. The powder puffs use saxophone stands, the mediocre use harnesses, but the true Manly Men use Neck Straps. There is always a need for Bass Saxophone in any band or orchestra setting. Typically used to replace the Bass Clarinet Player. Bass Sax Players are always known for their massive penis and sexual prowess.
Director: I can never hear all 5 bass clarinets at measure 54.
Alto Sax Player: If we had 1 Bass Sax Player, we could replace all 5 Bass Clarinets!
Director: What a beastly instrument, and so Masculine.
Bass Sax Player: Sup Ladies
by A. Bassplayzer May 1, 2011
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