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A liking to the game of 21, played with multiple persons shooting at the basketball hoop. However, once a person gains possession of the ball off of a miss via rebound or pick-up, at that instant they must attempt a shot at the rim. First to a designated number of baskets wins.

The game was originally invented in 2002 by Clay High students living in the greater Fleming Island area in Northeast Florida.

The term derives from the fact that it's a basketball oriented game and an innocent bystander would be awstruck at how developmentally challenged one would look while playing this game.

The legend, known only as Token, is considered to be one of the greatest baskettard competitors to ever grace the hardwood, parkay, asphalt or cement driveway. Now retired, Token has claimed a world-record 92 victories in the sport, with the nearest player in second with 28 wins.
Sometimes out of boredom, the guys would find a hoop and play a pick-up game of baskettard.
by Jeff Togo May 01, 2007
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