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To convey in polite words that fellatio, intercourse, and anal sex is likely to happen in the same night, or a general inkling that something great will happen.
I just slipped that girl some roofies...bases loaded.
by fizzpuss May 17, 2010
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three in the butt, two in the cooch, one in the mouth
"the next scene they had the Bases Loaded and i couln't tell where they stopped and she began!"
by Funni Louie June 07, 2016
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The term used when a man has sex with two women, at the same time, with the intention of getting them both pregnant and, in most situations, has no intention of providing for the child.
"Dude, you up for the strip club tonight?"

"Naw, man. I'm gonna be running with the bases loaded."
by Earplugs Wanted August 20, 2011
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