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A extremely tough and badass gang in the warriors movie and video game. They are very skilled at using baseball bats as weapons and they dress up in baseball uniforms and wear face paint. They are also very quiet. The basic soldiers wear white outfits, while the lieutenants wear black outfits. Another noteworthy feature of the base ball furies is that the members' nicknames are inspired by baseball players (Ruth,Mickey,Cobb,etc). The leader of the baseball furies is a large,silent, muscular man known as Cobb. Cobb dresses up as an umpire and uses two baseball bats that are taped/tied together as a surprisingly destructive weapon. The baseball furies are known,respected, and feared as one of the toughest gangs in all of NYC (in the warriors movie and video game of course).
Ajax: I'm going to shove that baseball bat up your ass and turn you into a Popsicle.
Baseball Fury Soldier: *Shows off with his bat*

baseball furies
by Valintino the Big Surpremo September 18, 2010
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