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It stands for B.ay A.rea P.erson. The word is commonly used to describe flat landers coming up to the winter during ski season and being dumb asses.

For instance the big lifted truck with the sick rims- that is only 2 wheel drive- that is on your ass the whole time driving to the slopes and then passes you laughing holding a middle finger out the window. Then you turn the corner and they're the ones in the snowbank.

For instance the ones that have the newest gear on the mountain and have never been. It's their first time and think they can go down the steepest slope. The ones that make it about half way down and then have to unstrap- they start to walk and then they do their signature move- they start to ride their board like a bobsled, eat shit and watch while their board take out a little kid.

...The ones even ski patrol says its o.k. to throw snowballs at..

I love the bay- but its the mountains.
by Star Gazing in the Summer Time February 05, 2010
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a word that is used when something is so so so good, there are no possible words to explain its the four words that first pop into your head are BOMB ASS PUSSY YO!! This expression is the ultimate way of explaining anything that is so mind blowing that it leaves you speechless...
"oh girl, pazookie is bapy"
by bapy bitches June 27, 2008
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