A contraction of 'Banter Vortex' - this would be created when an individual said something particularly un-funny in an otherwise banterous situation, thus sucking in all the banter. To be avoided at all costs.

It can also be used to describe said individual.

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by TourC*nt May 9, 2005
shortened version of "Banter-Vortex" this occurs when something is said in conversation that stops the conservation dead. This is often due to "bad chat" that does not merit any responce from anyone else in said conversation. Bantexes are often noted for an extended period of silence after the bantex moment, which may feel like all the atmosphere is being sucked out of the room.
"did you see Peter Crouch's goal celebration Roger?"
- "yes I did William! did you see it Martin?"
- - "no, but i ate a prawn wonton"
(extended period of awkward silence - the BANTEX)
by Paul Howie June 3, 2006
There is only one word to describe 'Bantex';

'Last night was Bantex'
'Andy-B broke his arm! Bantex!'
'Shaggin Ms. Johnsson would be Bantex!'
by Liam February 13, 2005