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The baddest bitch around. A loyal friend who will cut any bitch that crosses her bestie. She tries to make everyone happy, but if you're not careful and push her too far, you'll lose her. Bandna will be honest with you, sometimes brutally, but you know that she always has your best intentions at heart. You can text her any time of the day or night and she'll be awake to answer and have a heart to heart. She can see people for who they really are (good or bad). Bandna's a shawty who's always down for a good time and is the kind of friend you can bring with you to a any party. Her life motto is "I'll try anything once" and she holds to it.
"Ugh, I have no one to go to that party with tonight."
"You should ask Bandna, she'll definitely go with you."
"Yeah of course, and she'll even find you a cute guy to hookup with, as long as you do the same for her."
by bitchymissy January 31, 2018
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