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most amazing and creative idea ever thought of by the bad A Cursive Memory.
for their music video "Everything" acm became a paparazzi on the streets of hollywood and got the rich and famous in their music video while holding up a kickass ghetto blaster from which they blasted their ghetto song, "Everything"

check it out, yo !

respeck !
bri: "have you heard of a cursive memory?"
some kid: "nah nah fool, nah. are they good?"
bri: "hellz yeahh they're good! you should watch their everything video."
some kid: "oh wait, is that that bandarazzi band?"
bri: "fer sure man."
some kid: "ohh! i've heard of them. they're kickass!"
bri: "i know right?! respeck!"
by iloveacm February 11, 2009
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A more preferred term for those who are uberly excited fans of bands. Instead of the word groupie, females are known as a bandarazzi.
(1) That girl is an ultimate bandarazzi when she was persistant with the lead singer in taking her picture.
(2) Bandarazzi's consistently follow me around.
by beatm3upbiscotti April 17, 2008
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