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Someone who spends all thier free time hanging around a band or attending concerts without seeming to have any purpose for being there. Never seen doing anything with a purpose except pestering hotties.Talks all the time about music/band/band life like they're knowledgable, but aren't. There to mooch and hook up.

There to consume, spoil others' enjoyment, and spread disease, like a rat chewing its way into a bag of grain, eating a little while pissing and leaving shit on all that's left.
"I thought he was cool at first, kinda good-looking, but he turned out to be a fuckin' band rat. He was going on and on, talking like he knew the guys in the band, but he didn't even know the bass player was a special guest from another band. Then he asked me for my cell phone number and the whole time he was staring at Amy's breasts."
by so42gob4dawn August 02, 2006
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