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He is a big pigeon. Sometimes confuses people. He is in the dauņu squad. He likes alise (frog I think)... He doesn't do drugs and doesn't smoke. He is not a weirdo at all. He thinks that Justine needs to go to tvaika iela. He likes to make edits. That's a Latvian word that means pigeon. He has period. Sometimes he is a little rude. He don't likes whales and likes drake. He wants to steal Reinis. The word Balodis is used to say lonely and forever alone

#Balodis #lonely #foreveralone
Ooooo tas tač balodis

Ha ha ha wasn't fany

Balodis is not nice
That guy is so Balodis

I'm really Balodis
by Teamrostika March 29, 2017
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