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Main Entry: balls-to-wals
Pronunciation: balz-tu-walz
Function: Adverb
Etymology: Middle Class American Descriptive Expletive, from Anglo-French "boules aux murs",
1: usually something extremely unbelieveable: something that has elevated something ordinary to new levels of incredulity.

2: something ridiculously defining and causing one to pay closer attention, as though ones testicles have just been body slammed hard into a solid surface such as a wall, or pavenment, or something equally dense and painful in the slamming.
"That was a ballstowalls craptacular burrito, I think I'm gonna hurl"

"That was a frigging ballstowalls awesome band, when are they going on tour?"

"Baby when we get down and dirty you get me so ballstowalls horny I can't control myself"

"That was without question the ballstowalls worst proctology exam I have ever experienced dude."
by brian_thorn June 09, 2007
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