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The kind of person that had a facebook album named "Great times with great friends" but only has 3 pictures in it... of the same person
Look at that loser, he's definately a ballsman.
by jpbuford April 08, 2011
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A lanky, straight fringed downey who has very little co-ordination and attracts the least of girl, except people who accept him, which then they are called ballswomen.

A person who plays football, (ruckman) and a bloke who gets

swatted by own team mate in basketball, plus ballsmen may have a relationship with dirty Dennis as his father.

This person also has a pet who he named Dickdog. This creature accompanies the Ballsman throughout his travels across the world.

His home is often called a 'Balls Pallace' where he lives with his Dirty Dennis and Sexy Sue.

His luscious fringe covers his face, hiding his emotions while he listens to 'Asking Alexandra', some faggot gay emo band.

This was made by Liam Wood and Ethan Goldsworthy. xx
by Licka Lotofpus November 23, 2011
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