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When one's testicles itch so much they have to stop all other activities.
I got a ballsitch so bad at work, I didn't notice the bandsaw cutting into my arm.
by Mick65 August 24, 2006
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When a person touches another person's underside of the chin and shouts out BALLSITCH!, usually used as a joke
A bunch of guys came to me and ballsitched me so much, now the underside of my chin is all red.
by pacmanlikespie April 10, 2013
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When a guy pretends that their d*ck is in a girls' mouth and quickly scratches the underside of her chin. Most commonly used as a joke.
Thomas: **Rubs underside of Rachel's chin**BALLS ITCH!

Rachel: "What? You ass hole."
by ZeroCool<3 April 13, 2010
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When you get caught scratching your balls, either in public, or at home, you must yell BALLS-ITCH! Or if you are out with your buddies and they catch you scratching.. You say balls-itch in a muffled voice.
James yelled BALLS-ITCH in front of the whole school yesterday because someone caught him scratching his balls.
by ratemycameltoe June 02, 2007
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