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Expression; usually negative in nature. Used to express or describe exasperation or other awkward, strange, or otherwise unfortunate events, ranging from everyday misfortunes to completely F.U.B.A.R. situations.
After or during the act of falling off a bike and skidding down a hill: "BALLS MCGEE!!!"

"Balls mcgee dude. That guy just knocked over my beer."

"She went crazy and started screaming on the street. Then she tried to steal my bike! Total balls mcgee!"

"I was blasted and broke two locks trying to to get into my apartment last night."
"What a balls mcgee night, man."
by an old volvo March 06, 2010
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imaginary person that sounds dirty. Meant to be used to scare people out of conversations they weren't invited to.
*Tim walks up* "And then Balls McGee jumped out and grabbed me..."
by Galen! May 27, 2009
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