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To be a member of TBS (The Ball Squad), you must possess these swagalicious qualities:
-Your hair is never allowed to move, under any circumstances
-Must have bare puck or LAX skillz
-You must be from the beaches
-You must sit at the back of any given bus, even if there already losers (people not in TBS) sitting there
-You must yell "ball squad" every other minute
-You must never snake the squad, unless they're Craig
-You must listen to Drake songs and 80s and 90s rock music

To be a part of TBS, your daily outfit must consist of:
-adidas flipflops (socks are optional, but if so, they must be mid-calf nike's or above)
-Lowride in basketball shorts, while wearing pajamas underneath
-No tank tops, only wife beaters and extremely unaffordable sports jerseys, or your LAX/puck teams' jerseys/windbreakers
-Baseball hats (preferably ones that include the word "gongshow") in order to preserve the flow
*****DO NOT FORGET*****
-Only ever wear a jock strap when out in public to give yourself that self-esteem boost you oh-so-desperately need

If you follow these steps, TBS will be happy to have you, fham.
ball squad is life.
by ballsquad July 31, 2015
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