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The most complete and utter weapon of destruction in literary history. A beam of pure energy that is channeled by a person weilding the "One Power". It slightly affects time by erasing the target's actions up to a certain point depending on the amount of power behind it.
Balefire is the most dreaded "weave" in "The Wheel of Time" series.
Person 1:
"Dude, Rand just blasted all of the other wizard-magic user type characters in all of fiction into none-existence with a flow of Balefire as big around as a house!"

Person 2:
"Yeah, I guess Luke and Gandalf didn't know when to shut the fuck up!"

Person 1:
"Who?....I seem to remember those names briefly?"

Person 2:
"Yeah something about somebody with a pointy hat, and another with some green thing, oh well, must not be important."
by TheGhostfire February 08, 2008
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