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An incredibly unattractive brollic woman; usually overweight with no attractive facial features what so ever. Clothes appear to be from a thrift shop and odors tend to be repulsive. Engages in strange activities in the privacy of her own home and often offers blowjobs for friendship. Sweat stains cover the region where pools of sweat in the breast area accumulate; does not wear a bra and constantly draws attention to her unsightly breasts. Obviously doesn't get the hint that men don't want to have sex with her; despite any level of inebriation, sexual relations will not be had with aforementioned woman.
1. Beef: Awww! Who brought that smelly bag of yogurt over there?

Brock: *whispers* I don't know, she just invited herself.

2. Tom: Hey, look at that bag o' yogurt over there at the bar.

Morganzola: Oh.. I just vomited in my mouth...
by Reflookoo Jambee May 27, 2006
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