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Slippers (singular baffie or baffy)
Scottish word for slippers, thought to derive from 'bachle' meaning to shuffle.
Ms darling wife heats ma baffies by the fire afore gien me a hoat toddie.
by Gwank July 17, 2004
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A golf club simmilar to a nine iron
Fred: That bitch used a baffy on my ford when I told her the health department had to close her legs.

Jimmy: Dude I told you that jezabelle was crazy

Fred: She's hostile and full of longanimity

Jimmy: Wtf is that?

Fred: Patiently suffering while plotting revenge

Jimmy: sounds like somthing Tricky d would do lol
by speakamanylanguages October 20, 2009
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Bougie AF, AF.
"Let's go for a baffy little dinner on the canal. Jean-Claude will pick me up in the Sikorsky at 8."
"She's a baffy little bitch who hasn't taken public transportation since the early 2000's."
"We went for a baffy pheasant hunt with the Sheikh."
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by mysticoates August 29, 2018
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