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like steroids but with more omph!!! and better and faster and more powerful results
bri serves a volleyball over the net and it goes across the endline because she is so powerful.

birdy: 'Roids!!!
taylor: on the badger milk are we bri??

by AllieBaBy02010 March 17, 2006
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You all know John Basedow, right? Well, he drinks Badger Milk(TM)(C)(Patent Pending). That is correct!! Some people question the use of steroids in athletes but badger milk is 14.6 times more effective than steroids and it is apparent that John Basedow uses it frequently. Leave him alone! HE IS AN ANIMAL!!! ROWR!!!
That badger milk made John super strong!
by ainmosni January 22, 2009
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Creamy, tasty substance that comes from Badgers. Coveted for it's silky taste, great for all milk products. Only produced by special Badgers, badgermilk is a rare and creamy substance,
"Yo homes can I get some milk?" Freddy Asked. "Nope, but I got something even better." His friend said. "BADGERMILK"
by Eat A Badger October 23, 2007
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you all know john basedow, right? well, he drinks badfger milk. that is correwct. some ppl question the use of steroids in sport athletes, but badger milk is 14.6 times worse than steroids, and it is apparent that john basedow uses it frequently. leave him alone. he's an animal
and 2 grams of olive oil
by phiork macintork July 03, 2004
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