A term that was developed in Jamaica and later spread across the Caribbean region to mean a woman who looks good in her clothes while being devilish and eye popping at the same time . It can be described as a Caribbean woman that is able to defend herself and has money behind her talk and image as well as she is ambitious, talented and educated either formally or by the street . She is the eye candy of every man and envied by other women. She could very well be a woman whose family was avidly involved in drugs or Gamage taking the state of Jamaica in the 1960s and 1970s up to pervious times, meaning she has defense behind her talk and should be respected as such or else things could get ugly. She is the female counterpart to a "Jamaican bad man" or a "rude bwoy". Popular West Indian bad gyals include former stage performer Lady Saw now baptised and known as Minister Marion Hall who was known for her raunchy "Queen of the Dancehall " status , Dancehall Queen Carlene Davis , Female Pimp " Tanya Stephens " , some dancehall divas like " bad gyal Cecile" , Spice, Ishawna of recent etc
Across the Caribbean region other countries use a similar phrase pronounced in their native dialects however "bad gyal" is the Jamaican spelling based on our stressing of the "y" consonant in Patois , a national language official and unique to only Jamaicans and Jamaica.
Patron : Lady Saw always gives that wild and entertaining bad gyal performance, definitely the baddest gyal.

Ah wonda' if people really 'now seh shi ah waah bad gyal unda' di qoi'yat
by Otsz January 30, 2016
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A woman/ girl who is ruthless and does what she wants, independently. Be a bad gyal, guys.
"Ya can't handle bad gyal?"
by bigpapasuki January 21, 2022
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