The new language on the internet. It takes longer to read and comprehend the message than it takes to type the message.

EX. lolroflmao i jst did a hedshoot.
(Laughing Out Loud Rolling On the Floor Laughing My Ass off, I just did a headshot.)
decent grammar: John: Hey bob, want to play some Rumble Fighter with me later?

bad grammar: Narutoxx34761xxSasuke: dudz y u b3 meenz 2 mee fr33 stoofz plzzzzz!!!!
by Sonorously October 4, 2008
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me is me was did gone went the park weekend the. me is they very good smart peton. me no speak engrish
that idiot has bad grammar
by Anti.Social.Club6 June 21, 2019
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bad grammer iz when u fux0r up a language rrly badley
c ubuve 4 bad grammar
by Jesus Christ in the flesh August 27, 2008
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